Delivering Happy Thailand To The World!

We are dedicated to contributing to a wider community by promoting Thai cuisine and culture.

Happy Thailand

Our business focuses on Thai-related ventures, primarily Thai restaurants. The company name "SUU・ SUU・CHAIYOO" is derived from the Thai language, in which "SUU SUU" means to "keep at it" and "Chaiyoo" means "hooray."

The cute sound of the Thai language and the rousing meaning of "Keep at it! Keep at it! Hooray!" might seem a bit of a mismatch, but it represents the spirit of our company.

Business Overview

Thai Restaurant Business

"Delivering Happy Thailand To The World!"
Specializing in Thai cuisine, we have expanded our business in the greater Tokyo metropolitan area, serving delicious Thai dishes under four brands: Krung Siam, Old Thailand, Thai Food Laboratory and Thai Street Food.
In our restaurant business, we opt not to pursue scale of profit, but rather opt to pursue the joy of our customers, business partners, the local community, our employees and everyone else involved. The principles we follow in our pursuit of joy are Quality, Service, Cleanlinesss, Hospitality and Atmosphere.
Since the opening of our first store in November 2004, we have been dedicated to offering authentic Thai cuisine prepared by expert chefs, along with friendly service and heartfelt hospitality that gives our guests the feeling of a meal at the home of a close friend or family member. We have focused on creating an exciting and culturally rich space, filled with scents that allow our guests to feel like they're on a trip to Thailand.

Thai Food Manufacturing and Sales

Bringing SUU・SUU・CHAIYOO To Your Home
We operate a frozen Thai food business centered on bringing the delicious and authentic Thai cuisine from our restaurants to your table. We offer the "Raku Uma! Home-Style Thai Cuisine SUU SUU Deli," offered through our "SUU SUU Deli" website, our restaurant locations and our self-service vending machines. Additionally, we wholesale to major supermarkets and other restaurant companies.
A majority of our products are manufactured at our in-house facility, "Suusuu Factory," which is also equipped with a thorough sanitation inspection room. We also cater to the specific needs of our wholesale partners.
We actively collaborate with other companies to introduce unique products, such as Gapao hamburgers and Gapao pizza.

Agricultural Business Activities

In March 2022, we launched an agricultural business focusing on the cultivation of Thai vegetables in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture. The project was launched by our affiliated company, Suu Suu Agri Co., Ltd.
On approximate 2 hectares of land (as of September 2023), we mainly growThai chili peppers (prik kee noo), holy basil (gapao) and sweet basil (horapa), as well as vegetables such as Thai egglplants (Makua phao), lemongrass, Thai garlic, red onions, cowpeas, Thai limes (manao), papaya and Japanese rice. We have plans to gradually expand in the future.
A noteworthy point in our production is that the company practices a recycling and compost-based agricultural cultivation method. In collaboration with two soil experts, our company has created its own compost site utilizing dung from the nearby Ichihara Elephant Kingdom, along with fish remains and wood ear mushroom beds from the region. This approach aims to reduce the use of pesticides and fertilizers, focusing on cultivating specialty crops in an environmentally friendly manner.
With the motto of "Building Soil, Creating Food, Nuturing People," the company aims to contribute not only to environmental conservation through our recycling-orientated agricultural method, but also contribute to the local industry in Ichihara City, by leveraging the expertise we've gained in the restaurant business.

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