Business Overview

Thai Food Manufacturing and Sales

Enjoy Authentic Thai Cuisine at Home!
Online Shopping Service "Suu Suu Deli"

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SUU・SUU・CHAIYOO, which operates the Thai restaurant brands "Krung Siam," "Old Thailand," "Thai Food Laboratory" and "Thai Street Food," runs an online shopping service called "Suu Suu Deli" that offers authentic Thai cuisine, Thai ingredients and miscellaneous Thai goods.

Examples of Products We Handle

  • Shipping included! Choose from a selection of five popular Thai dishes.
    ¥ 4,500(TAX inc)
  • Shipping included! Choose from a selection of seven popular Thai dishes.
    ¥ 7,000(TAX inc)
  • Thai Food Set
    ¥ 4,500(TAX inc)
  • Thai Curry Set
    ¥ 4,000(TAX inc)
  • Less Spicy Set
    ¥ 4,500(TAX inc)
  • [Celadon Yaki] Salad Plate Set: 1 Salad Plate + 1 Mari-chan Glass + 1 Small Plate
    ¥ 5,980(TAX inc)
Other Popular Products
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List of Stores Handling Thai Foods

  • Kitano Ace (CIAL Sakuragicho Store, Granduo Kamata Nishikan Store, Kitasenju Marui Shokuyukan Store, LaQua Midorii Store, Beans Kameari Store, Tobu Funabashi Store, Nagoya Parco Store, Marui Sapporo Store, Tobu Ikebukuro Store, Nagasaki Hamaya Store, Kawanishi Hankyu Store, Sansute Fukuyama Store)
  • Granduo Tachikawa Meika Meihin Nihon no Aji (Famous Japanese Confectionary Goods)
  • Tottori Daisenbo