Company Overview


We aim to convery the charm of Thailand to everyone through the introduction of Thai cuisine and culture.

We hope to contribute to the greater community by connecting with the wonderful culture and people of Thailand. By focusing on food, an aspect of life that is relatable to everyone, we aim to convey the charm of Thai culture and people through Thai cuisine.

Company Philosophy

Suu Suu’s Vision


Poi, Plae, Quam, Sook, Bek, Thai Thai, Hai, Gap, Lok
Delivering Happy Thailand To The World!

Suu Suu’s Mission


Suu Pua Pattanna Thong-en
Strive for Self-Improvement


Suu Pua Saansan Lok
Strive for the Betterment of the World

Suu Suu’s Value


Sanuk, Sanan


Jai Dee Mee Namchai
Kindness and Consideration


Im Eem Chem Sai
Bright and Smiling


Tam-ngan Pent
Working as a Team


Channii Saisai
Putting One's Heart into the Dish


Gaan-nee Saisai
Putting One's Heart into One's Work


Tonni Saisai
Putting One's Heart into this Moment

สู้ สู้ ไชโย


President's Greetings

The curiosity gained from traveling, Our own preferences,
Above all, the impact of encountering Thailand,
We want to convey to everyone the Thailand we fell in love with.

At the age of 19, I boarded my first plane, and have been hooked on traveling domestically and overseas ever since. Starting with hitchhiking through New Zealand, I have traveled to over 40 countries, exploring Asia, Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa.
At every destination, I experienced different cultures and met various people, which gave me excitement and stimulated my curiosity. I was also deeply moved by the curious eyes and wonderful smiles of local children when I presented them with origami and small Japanese gifts.
Later, anticipating a life abroad, I joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and worked in the Middle East for five and a half years as an Arabic language expert. However, in a series of coincidences while working in the Middle East, I met a Thai employee at the local Thai embassy, Thai cooks working in a Thai restaurant and a Japanese friend who was fascinated by Thailand. I traveled to Thailand, fell completely in love with the country, and eventually decided to open a Thai restaurant.
Since then, and up until now, my love for Thailand has not waned. With a focus on Thai cuisine, and with the desire to introduce as many people as possible to the Thailand and the Thai food I love so much, we have gradually expanded the number of our establishments. In the future, we plan to further expand our stores not only in Japan, but eventually to other parts of Asia, the Middle East and North America. I hope that our guests can feel the same excitement and curiostity that I felt when I encountered Thailand.
We are dedicated to contributing to a society by promoting Thai cuisine and culture.

In Thai, Mari means "jasmine." She is a bright and cheerful girl who always wears jasmine flowers on her head. She also owns a calico cat.
Chiang Rai
Energetic, with a calm side
Favorite Food:
Beef Tongue
(Origin Story)
Mari-chan was originally created as a character for the internal manual to make learning fun for the staff. Later, she became an active part of promotional materials, store POPs (Point of Purchase displays), drink coasters and the Suusuu Deli website.
Now, she has become a character beloved not only by the staff, but also by the customers.