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Turning Passion into Work

Our company's motto is "Employees enjoying their work." We believe that if the staff does not enjoy their work, they cannot entertain the customers.

Everyone involved in the store should genuinely have fun and interact with customers with a smile. That is the first step to achieving the highest level of satisfaction. We are looking for individuals who resonate with our passion for Thai culture and cuisine, and who want to grow and develop together with us.

We are currently recruiting individuals who can join us in making the restaurant a lively place! No experience in the restaurant industry is necessary! Everyone starts as a beginner. Whether you love Thai cuisine, enjoy customer service, dream of having your own restaurant in the future or anything else, we welcome applicants with all kinds of aspirations.
Let's spread the deliciousness of Thai cuisine together! We look forward to reviewing your application!

Employee Benefits

Learn Thai Language and Thai Culture Firsthand

We employ Thai chefs to provide authentic Thai flavors.
Seventy percent of the staff are Thai, so you can easily immerse yourself into the Thai language and culture. The atmosphere is like studying abroad, even while in Japan, and you might find yourself mastering Thai before you know it!

Comprehensive and Reliable Welfare Benefits

We want our staff to work with peace of mind. That's why our company focuses on welfare benefits, education and improving interpersonal relationships! In addition to various social insurance benefits, we have various training programs, employee trips, events and recreational activities that emphasize communication.

  • Various social insurance benefits
  • Numerous training opportunities in Thailand and the United States, as well as external training
  • Company trips (annual bus excursion in June)
  • Drinking events at the restaurant

Aim for Restaurant Manager! Opportunities for Career Advancement!

At our company, we prioritize people over their resumes in our hiring and personnel decisions. Part-time employees are no exception. Individuals with excellent abilities and enthusiasm can advance their careers quickly. Some have even become store managers in as little as one year, starting as part-time employees. We also provide comprehensive support, including consulting training!

  • Proven track record in as little as a year!
  • From part-timer to restaurant manager!
  • Active participation from working moms,
    who are also managers!

Employee Interviews

  • Area Manager
    Takehora Junichi
    Takehora Junichi
    Joined in 2009
  • Chef at Krung Siam Oimachi
    Chooyot Sukteeka
    Joined in 2016
  • Manager at Krung Siam Roppongi
    Boonjum Dararat
    Joined in 2019
  • Manager at Krung Siam Shin-Yokohama
    Krajangpho Pennapa
    Joined in 2023
  • Central Kitchen
    Duchthuyawatr KijwithayapornI
    Joined in 2016
  • Support Office, General Affairs Section, Section Chief
    Pariyada Arbkoksoong
    Joined in 2018
  • Director at SuuSuu Agri, in charge of Sales and General Affairs
    Kawamoto Masateru
    Kawamoto Masateru
    Joined in 2009

"President's Bag Holder"

A media platform causing unlikely matches between presidents and outstanding students!

Interns accompany the president for three days.

Coming Soon….!

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