I work in both Thai and Japanese. I find it really enjoyable to talk to customers about Thailand.

Krajangpho Pennapa
Manager at Krung Siam Shin-Yokohama
Joined in 2023

Q1Why did you choose to work at this company?

I joined the company in April 2023. I was looking for a job where I could use Thai, and I found SUU・SUU・CHAIYOO on Rikunavi. I wanted to work using both Thai and Japanese, so I decided to join the company. After attending the company orientation and realizing that I could contribute to society through Thai cuisine, I chose SUU・SUU・CHAIYOO.

Q2Please tell us about your job responsibilities.

I work as a dining staff member. The responsibilities are diverse, and includes things like taking orders, preparing drinks, answering phone calls and engaging in conversations with customers about Thailand. Additionally, I am responsible for creating daily sales reports and work schedules.

Q3Please share with us your personal mission (life goals, life philosophy).

Living peacefully and happily is what I cherish. For me, happiness is when the people around me are also happy. Being with close family and friends is a time of peace and happiness for me.

Q4What do you like most about your job?

I enjoy working in both Thai and Japanese. It's fun to talk to customers about Thailand during transactions or interactions. Also, the staff meals are delicious.

Q5Have there ever been challenges or difficulties in your work?

Memorizing the names of the ingredients and equipment was challenging, and initially learning the ordering and inventory process was lengthy. However, with the guidance of my senior colleagues, I gradually learned and became capable of handling these tasks independently. Since this is my first time working in a restaurant, I also struggled to memorize drink recipes, but I learned by consulting manuals and receiving guidance from my superiors.

Q6What is your favorite Thai dish?

I like Suki Haeng (Thai stir-fried glass noodles).
The Pad Thai made with glass noodles that we get for staff meals is also delicious, so I recommend it!!

Q7What do you love most about Thailand?

I love the delicious street food! I also enjoy Thai music, so I hope to attend a live performance someday.

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