In my opinion, working in a busy establishment is both an opportunity for growth and a challenge.

Chooyot Sukteeka
Chef at Krung Siam Oimachi
Joined in 2016

Q1Why did you choose to work at this company?

I joined SUU・SUU・CHAIYOO in 2016 after being introduced by a friend who worked for the company.
The reasons I continue to work for this company include its stability, comprehensive employee benefits, the presence of many Thai colleagues, and the kindness I feel from President Kawaguchi.
For Thai people, there are many things we are not used to in Japan, and so we experience many hardships at first. Because the president is close to us Thai people, I feel like it is easy to work here.

Q2Please tell us about your job responsibilities.

I am currently working as a chef at the Oimachi branch. There are three roles in the kitchen: Stir-Fry (cooking stir-fried dishes), Yam (preparing salads) and Chuai (general follow-up). Among these, I am in charge of Stir-Fry. Establishing operations in the kitchen is also an important part of my job, and I need to consider the sequence of operations to ensure that dishes are served to customers at the right time. Additionally, managing orders and inventory is essential to serving delicious dishes and fresh ingredients.

Q3Please share with us your personal mission (life goals, life philosophy).

First and foremost, it is to provide for my family. Since my family is in Thailand, supporting them is crucial. Personally, it's about doing a good job. I believe in the importance of excelling in my work and contributing to the growth of both myself and the company. Ultimately, this results in customer satisfaction. That is how I define my life's philosophy.

Q4What do you like most about your job?

Fortunately, we have many customers visiting our restaurant. The most enjoyable aspect for me is working with the team to think about how we can provide services at the right time while maintaining a high standard for SUU・SUU・CHAIYOO. Making our customers happy through teamwork is the best part.

Q5Have there ever been challenges or difficulties in your work?

Some may find having many customers to be physically demanding, but I view it as an opportunity for personal growth.

Q6What is your favorite Thai dish?

In Thailand, various ingredients are used in Gapao such as seafood, pork, and more. I love the versatility of the dish.

Q7What do you love most about Thailand?

We have the sea, the mountains and an abundance of nature. It has a unique culture and is a country full of smiles.

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