In addition to a wide range of general affairs responsibilities, I put efforts into designing menus and posters.

Pariyada Arbkoksoong
Support Office, General Affairs Section, Section Chief
Joined in 2018

Q1Why did you choose to work at this company?

During my university days, I joined the Old Thailand Ichigaya branch as a part-time worker. The current sales manager and the company president would occasionally visit the store and engage in friendly conversation with me. At that time, I thought, "They are so kind to part-time staff!" It changed my perception of strict Japanese companies. Other staff members seemed happy and enjoyed their work, making me think, "I want to be a part of this, too." As a Thai person, I wanted to introduce Thai culture and cuisine to many people.

Q2Please tell us about your job responsibilities.

I am currently working as the Section Chief of the General Affairs Department. My responsibilities are diverse, and I primarily handle translation and interpretation tasks. Additionally, I am in charge of the frozen mail-order business and graphic-related tasks such as menu and poster design.

Q3Please share with us your personal mission (life goals, life philosophy).

My mission in life is make people around me happy and to be happy myself! I believe that if I am not happy, those around me cannot be happy either. Therefore, I am constantly exploring ways to make myself happy!

Q4What do you like most about your job?

I enjoy creating insert menus and posters for restaurant displays.
I consciously think about what design would make customers think: "This looks delicious! I want to try it!" and consider the layout and composition. Particularly, menu creation starts with photography, so there is a unique level of dedication!

Q5Have there ever been challenges or difficulties in your work?

When I first joined the company, I was not very good at handling phone calls. In particular, it was challenging for me to understand the company name and the caller's name. However, I also have happy memories of phone interactions where the other party was kind and understanding.
Recently, when translating new rules and policies to the Thai cooking staff, I faced difficulties in effectively conveying the company's guidelines, leading to some staff expressing discontent. However, I believe that as I continue to think about better approaches, my ability to effectively communicate will improve. I am still currently in the process of learning and improving.

Q6What is your favorite Thai dish?

It's Orn Poo! It's a northern Thai dish where crab miso is stuffed into the shell of a horseshoe crab. Since there aren't many opportunities to eat it in Japan, it's a menu item I must have when I return to Thailand.
If I were to compare it to Japanese cuisine, it has a flavor profile similar to crab miso. It's incredibly fragrant because it's grilled over charcoal. ♡

Q7What do you love most about Thailand?

I really like the laid-back attitude of living in the moment! Also, I appreciate the robust vitality of people that seem like they could thrive anywhere (though it might depend on the person? lol).

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