I love talking to customers. Utilizing that experience, I am currently working as the area manager.

Takehora Junichi
Takehora Junichi
Area Manager
Joined in 2009

Q1Why did you choose to work at this company?

I joined SUU・SUU・CHAIYOO in 2009. Before joining the company, I worked in the audio industry. Using severence money from my previous job, I went on a trip to Thailand and fell in love with the country, and looked for job opportunities at Thai restaurants immediately upon returning to Japan. That's when I found the job listing for SUU・SUU・CHAIYOO and after seeing the bright and homey atmosphere overflowing from the photos in the job posting, I decided I really wanted to work there and applied. After joining the company, I worked for a long time as a restaurant manager and I enjoyed conversing with the customers. However, the reason I find SUU・SUU・CHAIYOO so much more appealing than other Thai restaurants is probably because I like President Kawaguchi. I feel that this is a company that challenges various things, and I especially respect President Kawaguchi's foresight.

Q2Please tell us about your job responsibilities.

I am currently working as an are manager. I oversee six stores, and my role involves ensuring that each store manager is effectively managing their respective locations and provide support where needed. Training new store managers is also part of my responsibilities as an area manager. Additionally, since many of the store staff are foreigners, I also provide support to our foreign staff, as well as handle other tasks such as store repairs.

Q3Please share with us your personal mission (life goals, life philosophy).

Work happily and smile, that is my philosophy.
This is not only for my own sake, but also for the sake of the others around me.

Q4What do you like most about your job?

I really enjoy engaging with customers. That is why when I became an area manager and had less direct interaction with the customers, I struggled to find aspects of the job I could truly enjoy.
However, by visiting the restaurants and having opportunities to speak directly with the customers even as an area manager, and by providing feedback directly to the store staff, I realized I could make a restaurant that makes the customers even happier.

Q5Have there ever been challenges or difficulties in your work?

As I mentioned in the parts I like about my job, I had extensive experience as a restaurant manager, so when I became an area manager and my job responsibilities changed, I began to ponder how to make the job rewarding for myself.
The fundamental core, however, remains the same. My goal is to make our customers happy, so I conduct my day-to-day work while thinking about how to bring joy to customers through my work.

Q6What is your favorite Thai dish?

My favorite Thai dish is Kanom Jeen (Thai rice noodles). The Kanom Jeen I had in Chiang Mai, Thailand, was absolutely amazing.

Q7What do you love most about Thailand?

I love the vibrancy of Thailand. It is filled with smiles and energy, and I feel that the lively and energetic atmosphere suits me well.

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