There is no greater joy than seeing the Thai vegetables we cultivate bring smiles to the customers and staff!

Kawamoto Masateru
Kawamoto Masateru
Director at SuuSuu Agri, in charge of Sales and General Affairs
Joined in 2009

Q1Why did you choose to work at this company?

When I was young, I backpacked through Asia, and for some reason, I felt a connection with Thailand after spending a long time there.
After returning to Japan, I joined SUU・SUU・CHAIYOO through a friend's introduction. While I was familiar with the restaurant industry from previous work, communicating with the staff was not as straightforward due to the language barrier. I eventually found that connecting with the staff on a personal level and engaging in multiple discussions was an environment that suited me well, and that's why I have continued to work at this company

Q2Please tell us about your job responsibilities.

Originally a store manager and area manager, I have been working as the person in charge of SuuSuu Agri's Thai vegetable cultivation since 2023. I am responsible for managing the farm, composting, cultivation, and staff scheduling, among other tasks related to Thai vegetable cultivation.

Q3Please share with us your personal mission (life goals, life philosophy).

I value people.
Whether it's for my family, friends, colleagues I work with, or customers, I spend each day feeling that I will do anything I can for them.
I exist because of the people around me. The current situation is not something to take for granted, so I believe it's important not to forget gratitude.

Q4What do you like most about your job?

The most satisfying thing is seeing the Thai vegetables we grow being cooked in the restaurant and enjoyed by customers, making them happy. In my day-to-day activities, I operate heavy machinery, cultivate fields, mow grass, plant seedlings and harvest crops. Since every day is not the same, I can approach my work with enjoyment. Also, delivering the cultivated Thai vegetables to the restaurant before they reach customers and hearing the store staff say, "This looks so delicious!" with a smile is a direct and happy reaction that I get to experience.

Q5Have there ever been challenges or difficulties in your work?

I am influenced by the weather.
We have a farm in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture, and sometimes the weather there is different from my home, so coordination with the staff living in Ichihara is essential. Additionally, schedules often need to be adjusted due to the weather. However, I believe that in such situations, thinking about what can be done now and exploring alternative methods not only contributes to my own growth and the staff's growth, but also serves as an opportunity for successful vegetable cultivation.

Q6What is your favorite Thai dish?

I like Chim Chum. The taste of Chim Chum that I had at a Thai street vendor was exceptional. To provide that same flavor in our restaurant, I strive to cultivate the best fresh vegetables and herbs.

Q7What do you love most about Thailand?

The sense of mutual support and living in the present.
It excites me to think that the vegetables I grow, thanks to the Thai staff, become delicious Thai dishes.

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